Hip Hop 2 Prevent

Inspiring The Youth Through Hip Hop

Our Southwest HIP (High Impact Prevention) Program aims to build the understanding and knowledge of high school and middle school students and their communities as it pertains to substance abuse, mental health and sexual health using Hip Hop music and culture.

Drugs and alcohol play a huge role in adolescent risky behavior, which can lead to mental health issues and poor decision making. Through our curriculum, Hip Hop 2 Prevent, we utilize hip hop music and its culture to educate students on self awareness, refusal skills, and stress management. With our non-traditional approach, students are able to express themselves through the arts, including lyrical rap, graffiti art, dance, DJing, and fashion.

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Please utilize the resources below to gain access to Hip Hop 2 Prevent videos and teen helplines.

These videos are provided for students entertainment and learning. The teen helplines are for students who may be suffering from suicidal thoughts, depression, domestic violence and/or sexual violence.

Hip Hop 2 Prevent Resources